Monster Meal Supplement Block


Scientifically formulated with well-balanced animal nutrition as a priority, but rest assured it has greater attraction power because every ingredient is naturally recognized as food by all wildlife.


A complete nutritional product. Monster Meal Feeder Pellets closely simulate natural browse. Your wildlife will quickly grow to prefer this pellet over any competitive pelleted feed.


All habitat is not created equally. Give your wildlife everything they need to maximize their potential with Monster Meal Mineral Supplements.


The convenience of a block, with a difference you can SEE. The MM Protein block is a newly reformulated product that has a blend of processed grains and whole grains for optimized protein consumption.


Don’t rely on any old rock! Grow ‘em right with the MM Mineral Block. The MM Mineral Block provides all the right minerals, with all the right ratios, in a convenient block for portability.

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